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Honorary Members & Fellows

Honorary Membership

Any person may be invited to be an Honorary Member of the Institute where that person has made an outstanding contribution or conducted outstanding scientific work in subjects allied to forestry. Current Honorary members are:

Mr Keith Gould (2017)

Mr Alan Brown (2013)

Dr Ross Florence (2002)

Mr Dick Perry (1996)

Mr John Brooks (1995)

Fellow Membership

Any current Voting Member of the Institute who in the opinion of the Board has rendered outstanding service to forestry and the Institute may be invited to be a Fellow of the Institute. For information on nominating a member as a Fellow see instructions at the bottom of this page.

  • Dr Gary Bacon
  • Mr Ian Barnes
  • Mr Tony Bartlett
  • Mr Frank Batini
  • Mr George Baur
  • Dr David (Ian) Bevege
  • Mr Michael Bleby
  • Mr Robert Boardman
  • Dr David Boomsma
  • Mr Jack Bradshaw
  • Mr Alan Brown
  • Mr Peter Bulman
  • Mr David Cameron
  • Mr Nick Cameron
  • Dr Kerrie Catchpoole
  • Mr Noel (Phil) Cheney
  • Mrs Heather Crompton
  • Mr Peter Crowe
  • Dr Dick Curtin
  • Mr Frank Curtin
  • Mr Barrie Dexter
  • Dr David Doley
  • Mr Don Douglas
  • Dr Johannes Drielsma
  • Mr Alan Eddy
  • Mr Norman Endacott
  • Mr Gary Featherston
  • Mr Kenneth Felton
  • Prof Ian Ferguson
  • Mr Don Frankcombe
  • Mr David Gough
  • Dr Peter Greig
  • Mr Neil Humphreys
  • Mr John Jack
  • Dr William Jackson
  • Mr Keith Jennings
  • Mr Emil Johnston (d)
  • Mr Paul Jones
  • Mr Vic Jurskis
  • Mr Peter Kanowski (Snr)
  • Prof Peter Kanowski
  • Mr Graeme King
  • Dr Jerry Leech
  • Mr Norm Lewis
  • Mr John Macgregor-Skinner
  • Dr Frank McKinnell
  • Mr John Meachem
  • Mr Robert Newman
  • Dr Doland Nichols
  • Mr Ellis Nicholson
  • Mr Patrick O'Shaughnessy
  • Mr Neil Parker (d)
  • Dr Leon Pederick
  • Mr Edgar Pfeiffer
  • Mr Mark Poynter
  • Dr Bryant Richards
  • Mr Ernest Rider
  • Mr Evan Rolley
  • Mr Peter Sheehan
  • Dr Raymond Spencer
  • Mr Don Spriggins
  • Dr Robert Thistlethwaite
  • Dr Brian Turner
  • Mr Roger Underwood
  • Prof Jerry Vanclay
  • Mr Robert Van Schie
  • Dr Peter Volker
  • Mr Jim Walker
  • Mr Gary Waugh
  • Mr David Wettenhall
  • Mr Graham Wilkinson
  • Mr Jim Williamson
  • Mr Ronald Wilson
  • Mr David Wood
  • Mr Tim Yorkston

Nominating a member to become a Fellow

The IFA will from time to time call for nominations from Divisions for Fellows.

A Fellow is any Voting Member of the Institute who in the opinion of the Board has rendered outstanding service to forestry and the Institute.

The person must be proposed and seconded in writing to the Chair of their Division by Voting Members of that person’s same Division. The proposal is to be accompanied by a written citation in support of the proposal.

The Division forwards the request to the Board and the Board, at its discretion, may invite the nominee to be a Fellow.

The Board will take into account that the total number of Fellows of the Institute should not exceed ten per cent of Voting Members; however the Board can exercise discretion in determining the number of Fellows.

In the event that the Board does not approve the invitation of a person to the grade of Fellow, the Chair of the appropriate Divisional Committee shall be notified in confidence of that outcome. 

A prospective Fellow may decline the Institute’s invitation to be a Fellow of the Institute and the invitation and declination shall remain confidential. 

This information is taken from clauses 6 to 9a of the IFA Regulations.