2 Eucalypts in Laos
  • 1 Burning Cape York
  • 7 Spokes Lookout Regen
  • 6 Spokes Trail Wildfire
  • 2 Blackbutt Sawlogs Bellangry NSW
  • 3 Plot Measurment
  • 1 Young Worker
  • 5 Old Growth Tallowood
  • 2 Forico1114 946
  • 1 Forico

Scholarships & Fundraising

The scholarships and fundraising project is one of the five primary strategic focuses of the Future Foresters Initiative. A decline in the availability of scholarships and funding for young professionals and students in the field of forestry and forest science has been greatly evident over the past decade. The scholarships and fundraising project has been created to address this issue. The project team will identify key areas where funding and support need to be directed. One such key area may include scholarships for undergraduate and postgraduate forest science programs.