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Awards, Honours & Scholarships

Please be advised that the Forestry Scholarship Fund and A R Henderson Grant are under review and currently closed. Please check back with us again later.

To encourage excellence in forestry the IFA each year offers a number of competitive honours, awards and scholarships. More detailed information is available on each offering by clicking on the links below.

  • The N W Jolly Medal is the Institute’s highest honour, recognising members who have served forestry in a prominent way. An award bestowed by the IFA Board.
  • The Chinner Medal is an annual award given to a final year student in the University of Melbourne’s Master of Ecosystem Science for outstanding performance in field studies.
  • The Jacobs Medal is is an annual award given to a final year student in the Australian National University’s Bachelor of Science (Forestry)  for outstanding performance in field studies.
  • The Forestry Scholarship Fund offers up to 3 undergraduate scholarships and up to 15 part-scholarships towards the National Forestry Masters Program (NFMP) scholarship each year. Applications closed.
  • The A R Henderson Grant is offered annually for the professional development of Voting and Associate members. Applications closed.
  • The Maxwell Ralph Jacobs Fund is now permanently closed but was used to support worthy projects in any field of forestry research and to provide graduates within Australasia with support for professional development not readily available from other sources.
  • Prince of Wales Award for Sustainable Forestry recognizes the achievements of two outstanding young forestry professionals in Australia and New Zealand in sustainable forest management

Membership Recognition

The IFA Board can occasionally recognise members who demonstrate outstanding service to forestry and to the Institute by bestowing either honorary membership  or fellow membership.

An Honorary Member of the Institute is bestowed on people who have made an outstanding contribution or conducted outstanding scientific work in subjects allied to forestry.

Voting members of the Institute who, in the opinion of the Board, have rendered outstanding service to forestry and the Institute can be invited to be a Fellow Member.

Past Presidents

The following people have been presidents of the Institute, giving freely of their time to lead the IFA.

P W Volker

11/2005 - 11/2011

I Barnes

01/2003 - 11/2005

H R Crompton

01/2000 - 12/2002

I S Ferguson

10/1995 - 12/1999

F H McKinnell

10/1991 - 09/1995

R C Ellis

10/1987 - 09/1991

G J Bacon

10/1985 - 09/1987

K S Jennings

10/1983 - 09/1985

E A Nicholson

10/1981 - 09/1983

R A Free

10/1979 - 10/1981

M W Edgerley

09/1975 - 10/1979

D W M Paine

10/1973 - 08/1975

R J Grose

10/1971 - 09/1973

W R Wallace

10/1969 - 09/1971

A C Harris

12/1967 - 09/1969

N B Lewis

10/1963 - 11/1967

B H Bednall

01/1962 - 09/1963

W Bryan

12/1959 - 12/1961

S G Jennings

03/1958 - 11/1959

A H Crane

11/1953 - 02/1958

D A N Cromer

04/1950 - 10/1953

C R Cole

01/1948 - 03/1950

A A Hone

01/1946 - 01/1948

T N Stoate

01/1942 - 01/1946

A C Shedley

01/1939 - 12/1941

S L Kessell

12/1935 - 12/1938 


Prince of Wales Award for Sustainable Forestry

The Prince of Wales Award for Sustainable Forestry is to recognize the achievements of two outstanding young forest professionals in Australia and New Zealand. This award is to encourage engagement in and dedication to, the principles of sustainable forest management including policy, planning and practice, sound science based land stewardship. Awardees must be committed to public outreach and knowledge...

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Maxwell Jacobs Memorial Orations

The Maxwell Jacobs Memorial Orations are presented in conjunction with the biennial IFA conference, and are a series of thoughtful, constructive and stimulating contributions on current forestry issues. 2013 Dr Sadanandan Nambiar Forestry dialogues: where has the wood gone? 2011 Graham Wilkinson The tragedy of the forests 2009 Dr Ian Bevege The...

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N W Jolly Medal

Jolly Medal Award:   The N.W. Jolly Medal is the Institute of Foresters of Australia’s highest and most prestigious honour for outstanding service to the profession of forestry in Australia. It recognises that science, research and how this translates into practical implementation are critically important aspects for the achievement of sustainable forestry and a sustainable and competitive forest...

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Honorary Members & Fellows

Honorary Membership Any person may be invited to be an Honorary Member of the Institute where that person has made an outstanding contribution or conducted outstanding scientific work in subjects allied to forestry. Current Honorary members are: Dr Ross Florence Mr Alan Brown Fellow Membership Any current Voting Member of the Institute who in the opinion of the Board has rendered outstanding...

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Jacobs/Chinner Medals

The Jacobs medal is awarded in memory of Maxwell Ralph Jacobs, an Australian forester who pioneered early research into forestry in Australia, particularly the growth habits and the utilisation of eucalypts. Field work is a vital part of forestry and this award is designed to acknowledge exceptional performance in this aspect of the overall role of foresters. The medal is awarded...

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A R Henderson Grant

Applications for the A R Henderson Grant are currently closed. The A R Henderson Trust was bequeathed by Allan Henderson.  IFA is a Trustee of the A R Henderson Trust Fund along with the federal Department of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries. The purpose of the A R Henderson Grant is to enable IFA Voting or Associate members to refresh or improve their knowledge and skills. $1,000...

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IFA Presidents

President Term Rob de Fégely 3/2012 to present Aidan Flanagan (interim) 12/2011 - 3/2012 David Wettenhall 11/2011 - 12/2011 Peter Volker 11/2005 - 11/2011 Ian Barnes 01/2003 - 11/2005 Heather Crompton 01/2000 - 12/2002 Ian Ferguson 10/1995 - 12/1999 Frank McKinnell 10/1991 - 09/1995 Robert Ellis 10/1987 - 09/1991 Gary Bacon 10/1985...

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