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Andrew (Rob) de Fégely, B. Sci (Forestry), M. Sci (Forest Business Management)

robDirector and Deputy/Past President

Rob de Fégely has over 30 years of experience in the Australian forest industry. His early career was spent in plantation development and natural forest management before he commenced consulting in 1990. His experience covers all states of Australia, for both government and corporate clients and he has also worked extensively in Asia, the Pacific and North America.

His experience includes forest resource assessment, valuations and reviews of forest product processing and market research, including company and broader industry wide strategies. He was Managing Director (Australia) of the Finnish firm Jaakko Pöyry Consulting for 10 years prior to establishing his own consulting business in 2006. He has been appointed to a number of government advisory panels and served on Boards in Papua New Guinea, New Zealand and Australia.