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Stuart Davey, BSC (For), BSc, PhD

Davey Stuart 2
Dr Davey is a Principal Scientist in the Forest Sciences and Forest Economic Sections of ABARES Natural Resources Branch. He has over 30 years experience in applied forest science research and providing advice for improved forestry, conservation, sustainable use and natural resource management outcomes and decision making.

During his professional career he has played an advisory role to State and Commonwealth governments in a number of forest, natural resource assessment and management issues (e.g. sustainable forest management and use, climate change, biodiversity and international forestry).

He has been an Australian representative and/or member to Convention on Biological Diversity Ad Hoc Technical Expert Groups (Ecosystem Approach and Forest Biodiversity), CBD, FAO and UNFCCC scientific and Party meetings. His expertise covers forest ecology, biodiversity management and research, forest climate and carbon modelling, national forest and plantation reporting, sustainable forestry and use, ecosystem services, ecosystem approach in natural resource management and planning, spatial information and modelling for natural resource decision making and forest research management. He has held positions in the Bureau of Rural Sciences, Prime Ministers and Cabinet Forest Taskforce, and Department of Forestry, Australian National University.