Braden Jenkin

Braden Jenkin brings over 30 years experience in domestic and international forestry: from the smallest scale producers through to large-scale global corporate operations. Projects and works have been undertaken in South Africa, Europe, the UK, India, PNG and New Zealand and have included significant consultation and interactions with markets, processors, trees growers and agriculturalist. This provides a foundation to allow the capture of data and information from a broad range of stakeholders and sources, combined with the ability to communicate at a wide range of culturally appropriate levels. To ensure the utility of any outputs, his experience allows the application of cultural, biological, policy and commercial frameworks to extrapolate such information into an Australian context (for testing of relevance and fit). Significant analytical works have been undertaken of supply chains and financial models providing a further foundation to support the understanding of the information collected. He hold a BSc (Forestry), a Grad. Dip of Managements and an MBA. He is a Gottstein Fellow and a Member of the Institute of Foresters of Australia and the Australian Forest Growers.