Position paper on the role of fire and its management in Australian forests

The Forest Fire Committee has reviewed the Institute’s two policy papers relating to forest fire management which were last updated in 2003. The Committee recognises that position papers should
be dynamic documents that are updated periodically as new issues emerge.
Much has changed since these documents were prepared and the decision was taken to combine the key points into a single position paper.
Members are invited to read and provide comment on the position paper to ifaforestfire@gmail.com 

Foresters without Borders - Progress Report April 2017

Vanuatu Foresters Association   Picture
The Island of Mataso is one of the disadvantaged islands that were devastated by Tropical Cyclone Pam two years ago. The impacts were so devastating given the connection of the people’s livelihood with the only limited resources they have, as the entire forest resources and ecosystems were destroyed.

The Vanuatu Foresters Association along with the Department of Forests with the support of the Institute of Foresters of Australia has helped the affected areas with nursery tools and materials, technical support and forestry seedlings for immediate replanting. The focus was not only on Forestry farmers but also members of the affected communities to be able to contribute to their forest restoration.
Please see Foresters without Borders latest report: FwB Progress Report April 2017

Media Release - $2b trade deficit in wood products a source of national shame

Please find a media release from the Australian Institute of Foresters indicating that Australia is the seventh most forested country in the world and yet we have a $2 billion annual trade deficit in Forest products.
Rob de Fégely, National President of the Australian Institute of Foresters presented a grim picture of Australia’s contribution to managing renewable forest and plantation resources to the 19th Commonwealth Forestry Conference in India this month.
Rob said, ‘It is a source of some national shame that Australia has a significant trade deficit in forest products of more than $2 billion each year. This is not an economic argument but a moral and social one. We have the space, skills, wealth and knowledge to do more.
Media contact: Rob De Fégely 02 6153 3044

Forest Heritage at Yarralumla - ACT Branch Event

ACT Forestry Heritage – Sunday 30 April 2017 - Canberra and Region Heritage Festival 2017 Event
The ACT Division of the Institute of Foresters of Australia invites members to attend a ceremony to celebrate installation of heritage signage (sign-boards) at the Yarralumla Forestry Precinct as part of the Canberra and Region Heritage Festival 2017. This was made possible by a grant from ACT Heritage following last year’s National Trust/IFA Open Day at the Precinct. The Precinct comprises about 11 hectares of land including the former Australian Forestry School, the Museum Building (former Forestry and Timber Bureau Headquarters), Forestry House, Westridge House, and a major forest research facility consisting of various laboratories and trail planting beds.

The launch will take place on Sunday 30 April 2017 at 2pm in front of the Australian Forestry School building (on Banks Street at the end of Schlich, Yarralumla) followed by guided walks through the grounds of the precinct, part of Westbourne Woods, and refreshments at the nearby oval.

The former Australian Forestry School played a significant role in the development of forestry in Australia and is significant for its architectural design, its contribution to the townscape and its place in the early social history of Canberra. Nearby Westridge House, built in 1927 was the residence for principals of the Australian Forestry School.
Date: 30 April 2017
Time: 2-5pm
Meet at: former Australian Forestry School building
RSVP: Register online by 27th April 2017 or email ifaactbranch@gmail.com for more information