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IFA Submissions

2016 submissions


Waroona Bushfire Special Inquiry

2014 submissions


IFA letter to Hon Jacinta Allan re Victorian National park proposal


IFA NSW Division submission to Independent Biodiversity Legislation Review Panel


IFA submission on draft report on Active and Adaptive Cypress Management recommendations

IFA submission on draft performance standard for Local Land Services


IFA letter to World Heritage Council re wind back of Tasmanian World Heritage Area extension


IFA submission to the Agricultural Industry Advisory Council on the Agricultural Competitiveness Issues Paper

IFA submission NSW on remake of the coastal integrated Forestry Operations Approvals

IFA submission NSW VIC river red gum thinning trial


IFA submission on the proposed extension to the Tasmanian Wilderness World Heritage Area

2013 submissions


IFA letter to Tasmanian Premier re Tasmanian Forest Agreement and response received

IFA submission to NSW NRC on Cypress Forest Management


IFA submission on CFI amendments tranche 3


IFA submission on CFI amendments tranche 2


IFA response to IUCN exposure draft of the valuation of forests

Letter to House of Reps Standing committee on Climate Change, Environment and the Arts

IFA submission to WHC on extensions to TWWHA


Submission re Tasmanian Forests Agreement Bill ***

2012 Submissions


Letter to Prime Minister re Tasmanian Forest Agreement

Letter to Premier re Tasmanian Forest Agreement


Letter to WA Government's Standing Committee on Environment and Public Affairs on sandalwood

Carbon Farming Skills: Accreditation Scheme for Carbon Farming Initiative Service Providers


Inquiry into the Management of public land in New South Wales


IVG Letter to Prime Minister

Submission on CFI native forest protection methology

IVG Letter to Tasmanian Minister Green ***

IVG Letter to Senator Ludwig ***

Tasmanian Forests IVG Critique ***


Letter to Prof. West - IVG report

Private native forestry certification and accreditation – NSW Division


Letter to Andrew Wilkie - Exclusion of Native Forest Biomass ***

NFP Sector Tax Concession Working Group

Review of NFP Governance


Forest Management Plan 2004 – 2013 - Mid-term audit of performance report – WA Division submission


2011 submissions

Draft Renewable Energy Target (RET) Regulations – IFA Submission
November 2011

Amendment to the Forest Management Plan 2004-2013 to increase availability of karri bole logs – WA
August 2011

Carbon Farming Initiative – Positive & Negative Lists
July 2011

Draft 2.1 HCV Evaluation Framework
June 2011

Inquiry into Australian Forest industry – WA Division submission
May 2011

Inquiry into Australian forest industry – IFA submission
April 2011

Carbon Credits (CFI) Bill 2011 – IFA submission
April 2011

Yarra Ranges Draft Flora and Fauna Strategy – IFA Submission
April 2011

IFA Submission to SA Forest Industry Strategy
February 2011

Carbon Farming Initiative – IFA Submission
January 2011


2010 submissions

IFA Comments on National Park Estate (South-Western Cypress Reservations) Bill 2010 Nov 2010.pdf
November 2010

IFA Submission on NSW Forest Agreement Review
November 2010

IFA Submission on Water Quality Protection Note (WQPN) 121 – Western Australia * Dion check me please
November 2010

IFA Comments on Westridge House (A.C.T.) Draft Management Plan
September 2010

IFA Submission on the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) Draft Interpretation of Principle 5.6 (Sustainable Yield)
August 2010

IFA/FACTA Comments on Lindsay Pryor National Arboretum Draft Masterplan
May 2010

Development of the South Australian Forest Industry Strategy – IFA Submission
April 2010

South-Western Cypress State Forests Assessment
March 2010

Australia’s Native Vegetation Framework – IFA submission
March 2010

Victoria’s Regional Forest Agreement Review
March 2010

Investigation into the Government’s tree management practices and the renewal of Canberra’s urban forest
March 2010

IFA submission to FSC on framework for assessing HCV
February 2010

IFA response to Natural Resources Commission’s recommendations for the Riverina Bio-region RFA
February 2010


2009 submissions

River Red Gum Forests Submission
October 2009

Interim Report of the Independent Review of the Environment Protection and Biodiversity Conservation Act 1999 (EPBC Act)
August 2009

Inquiry into Agribusiness Managed Investment Schemes
July 2009

WA Forest Management Plan 2004-2013 – IFA submission
July 2009

Incidence and Severity of Bushfires Across Australia – IFA Submission
June 2009

Victorian Timber Industry Strategy submission
June 2009

Australia’s Biodiversity Conservation Strategy 2010-2020
May 2009

2009 Victorian Bushfires Royal Commission IFA submission
May 2009

Inquiry into the forestry and mining operations on the Tiwi Islands
March 2009


2008 submissions

Review of the Queensland Tree Tenure System Submission
August 2008

Aerial Spraying of Chemicals – Consultation Paper
July 2008

Design Options for the Expanded National Renewable Energy Target Scheme ***download doc - please check me Dion
July 2008

Legislation Underpinning Carbon Sink Forests
July 2008

GBCA Public Review 2008’ - Cover letter
GBCA Public Review 2008’ - Submission
February 2008

ACCC Trade Practices Act & Carbon Offset Claims
February 2008

Garnaut Review - Climate Change: Land use - Agriculture and Forestry
January 2008


2007 submissions

NSW Standing Committee on Natural Resource Management (Climate Change)
December 2007

Tasmanian Regional Forest Agreement (RFA)
July 2007

Inquiry into Impact of Public Land Management on Bushfires - Victoria
June 2007

Senate Inquiry into the Forestry Marketing and Research and Development Bills 2007
June 2007

Inquiry into Impact of Public Land Management Practices on Bushfires in Victoria
May 2007


2006 submissions

Walpole Winderness Area – Draft Management Plan – WA Division
November 2006

Goolengook Forest Investigation - Victoria Division
August 2006

Lower Cotter catchment draft management plan - ACT Division
August 2006

Treasury consultation on proposed Taxation Arrangements for Plantation Forestry ***download doc - and me to please 
June 2006

Inquiry into the ACT as a UNESCO Biosphere Reserve
June 2006

Australia’s national parks: a submission to a Senate Inquiry from the Institute of Foresters of Australia ***download doc - ...and me!!
March 2006

FPC industry development plans
January 2006


2005 submissions and earlier

Shannon and d'Entrecasteaux Draft Management Plan - 2005
August 2005

Wungong Catchment Environment and Water Management Project
July 2005

VEAC Riverine Red Gum Forests Investigation
June 2005

Inquiry into Rural Skills Training & Research
June 2005

Review of Fire Policies Management Practices of the WA Department of Conservation and Land Management
August 2004

Alternatives to Clearfelling Old Growth Forests in Tasmania.
May 2004

Council of Australian Governments Inquiry into bushfire mitigation and management in Australia.
December 2003

House Select Committee on the recent Australian Bushfires.
May 2003

Draft Best Operating Standards for Private Native Forestry
March 2000