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For access to articles, theses, obituaries, newsletters, media releases, conference papers, policy statements and more look no further than the IFA's knowledge base, Forestry Reposit-ry.

The Forestry Reposit-ry provides a centralised repository of the knowledge created and shared by foresters - past, present and future. It is a one-stop shop for retrieving, collating, sharing and recording information, data and ideas.

The Forestry Reposit-ry is dedicated to Peter Jowett Hawkins and is made possible through the Peter Jowett Hawkins Bequest.

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This is curently a work-in-progress, with more "knowledge" to be added soon and categorising to be finalised. Please feel free to send any comments, questions or suggestions to

Please note: Masters Degree and PhD theses abstracts have been included. If you have a question about an Abstract please contact the Institution where the research originated. The IFA cannot assist you in locating authors or contacting Institutions.